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Throughout six decades, we have developed an impressive curriculum of achievements in power generation and transmission projects, both in Brazil and abroad. Through an outstanding performance in undertakings of thermoelectric, hydroelectric, and thermonuclear plants, as well as transmission systems, we contributed to the development of a relevant part of the country’s generation capacity.

Generation projects in which we contributed correspond to more than 20,000 MW of power in hydroelectric plants, more than 7,000 MW of power in natural gas thermal plants, and more than 1,000 MW of other renewable sources. Not to mention our contribution to relevant transmission projects, such as the country’s first HVDC system, for Itaipu, 600kVDC. Likewise, we acted as Consultant or Manager for more than 7,000 km of transmission lines, including 500kV and 230kV substations. We have also performed relevant power planning studies in Brazil and other countries.

photo: Promon archives

photo: Promon archives

Our curriculum includes the engineering project for the dams of the Itaipu hydroelectric plant, the biggest in Brazil, and Xingó, the most important in the Northeast of the country, as well as the plans and construction of a major part of the natural gas thermoelectric plants implanted in the last decade.


We have a broad and differentiated vision of the entire institutional model for the Brazilian energy sector and the dynamics of its evolution. This, for example, enabled us to undertake the conception and integration of the Bahia I thermoelectric plant, a reserve plant implanted in just six months at the beginning of the 2000s. We master the complete cycle of the

energy business, from feasibility studies, through basic engineering for the generation units, their construction and assembly, to full operation.


We are prepared to meet the growing demand for alternative energy sources, such as biomass and wind-powered generation plants, driven by the progressive increase in concern for the environment and by technological advances. Our broad experience enables us to anticipate technical, environmental or regulatory obstacles, avoiding delays and negative impacts on the return from our clients’ ventures.

More than 60 years working in the
 Electrical and Renewable Energy market

Benchmark projects
in the sector

photo: Promon archives

Norte Fluminense

Thermoelectric Power Plant

EDF - Electricité de France


Combined cycle thermal power plant, with a generation capacity of 780 MW


Macaé, RJ


photos: Promon archives

Univalem Mill
Co-generation unit



Co-generation unit in the Univalem
Sugar and Alcohol Mill


Valparaíso, SP


Itaipu Hydroelectric
Power Plant

Itaipu Binacional


Implementation of a hydroelectric plant with an installed generation capacity of 12,600 MW


Paraná River, between

Brazil e Paraguay




Owner’s Engineering and Overall Management: 1,200 km TLs / 5 SSs


Maranhão, Piauí and Ceará


Asset Due



Owner’s Engineering and Overall Management: 1,200 km TLs / 5 SSs

Replan Co-generation



Thermoelectric co-generation unit with an installed capacity of 35 MW


Paulínia, SP




Av. Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek, 1830

São Paulo  .  SP .  Brasil

T +55 11 5213.4700

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